Letter from the Director: March 2022

Director’s Message:

Well, we are off and running in the New Year.  On behalf of the staff, instructors, and volunteers, we would like to extend a huge thank you to all who have purchased memberships in 2022.  To date, we have 452 members, and as we continue to offer new classes as well as welcome back the remaining pre-COVID classes, the center is a buzz with friendships rekindling and smiles.  We continue to abide by the City of Shoreline and King County Health Department mandates, to ensure a safe environment.  I’d like to share that all staff have had their boosters as well.  This is not a requirement of any participants, only staff/instructors.

End of Year Financials will be released once the audit of 2021 will be completed.  At this time, the senior center no longer has a deficit and while we did not profit in 2021, we were able to pay off our $138,000 debt, through your wonderful donations and the funding through grants and foundation donations.  As noted, once the audit is completed, I’ll share further details of our finances in March.

AARP  Free Tax Preparation Assistance: All appointments are made through AARP volunteers.  Please call               425-610-8186 and leave your name/phone # and they will call you back.  At this time, their recording will state that due to the volume of calls, it could be several weeks before you are contacted.  The limited number of volunteer tax preparers has greatly reduced, creating a backlog of appointments.

UNITED WAY Free Tax Preparation Assistance:  United Way has several sites around the county, to provide free Tax Preparation Assistance. They are offering evening appointments for those in the daytime work force.  Please call           206-461-3700 and leave a message with your name and phone # and why you are calling.

How do we resource our Operating Budget for the year:  Each year, we begin with a zero budget as a 501-C3 independent nonprofit.  Any debt from the previous year is paid by our reserves in our Board bank account, which is different than our daily Operating Budget.  Of course, you must have reserves built up to address these expenses.  We have 8 ways that we generate revenue to support all the work at the senior center:  Individual Donations, Memberships, Class Fees, Fund Raising events such as Bingo, fudge sales, etc., Corporate Sponsorships, Grants and Foundation Donations.  We will soon be sharing information about our Legacy Donation Program, which allows individuals to dedicate funds to the center after they have passed on.  We have also reviewed all vendor contracts, eliminated any unnecessary services and/or regular purchases that could reduce our monthly costs.

Thank you to City of Lake Forest Park and Lake Forest Park Rotary: In 2021, we submitted a grant request of $28,000 to the City of Lake Forest Park, under the ARPA Federal Rescue Funds.  We are so grateful that the City of LFP chose our center as a recipient for the full requested amount.  We also submitted a funding request to the LFP Rotary and have received $2,500 to support food costs for our Community Dining Program. We extend a heartfelt thank-you to both agencies for their continued support.  The neighborhood concept in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, has fostered an amazing level of commitment to all of the non-profits in our area, helping each of us in sustaining our services during these hard times.  Most of you know that 2021 was a very trying year for myself, and 2022 gifted me with a case of COVID.  Being able to work remote brought me a level of comfort and joy, as I was able to see our senior center continue to rise above the obstacles of COVID and continue to expand our services. Thank you for your kind words, prayers, positive energy, and cards as you elevated my spirits with encouragement.  It is so great to be back on site and see your faces.  Many days, I still tear up when a familiar face comes through the door.  So many senior centers are still closed or only operating minimal services online. You have made it possible for us to return to in-person by your respectful adherence to our safety mandates.


Theresa LaCroix
















































Theresa LaCroix