Check out the many activities, classes available at the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center.  Ask the friendly faces at the Reception Desk how to join the Center, benefits include discounts and our program guide mailed to your home.

We are a Community Partner with Sound Generations. For more information you may contact them at (206) 448-3110 or visit their website.

Please note:  The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center offers a variety of information classes, but does not endorse any speaker.  The presenters have been asked not to solicit or call any clients and to give information ONLY.  We suggest you listen to a variety of presenters before you make any kind of decision.  Presentations are meant as an educational opportunity and no marketing is allowed.


Arts and Crafts
Get back in touch with your creative self.

A number of dance classes are offered.

Education and Languages
Keep up to date with a variety of classes including different languages.

Classes available at every skill level.

Trips and Recreation

Clubs & Groups

Games and Cards

Games and Cards
Learn a new game or play old favorites in a friendly setting.

For some information on our upcoming yoga classes, read this informative article from our instructor Heidi Mair, on Yoga for Healthy Bones.