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Aging Well With Toshiko

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Toshiko Aramaki

$4 members
$6 nonmembers
Monday, Wednesday, FridayMon –Wed 11:15am-12:15pm

Friday 10:30am-11:30am

Sept 2nd-Dec 30thThe main purpose of this class is to learn about fall prevention but it is a little more active than our Keep Your Balance course. In our first class, we move almost like we do in “Fall Prevention Exercise” class but were sitting on the chair whole times. We also discuss how to prevent falls. After a long period of “Stay Home”, muscles may have gotten weak, so this course works to re-establish strength
Keep Your Balance Keep Moving A Block

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Toshiko Aramaki

Free, Limited spaceWednesday and Friday9:00am-10:00amNov 4 to Dec 11Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among older adults. The good news is that falling is not an inevitable part of the aging process. Middle-aged and older adults can reduce their risk of falling by knowing their fall risk factors. In this class you will learn the risk factors of falling so that you will be able to decrease fear of falling and the risk of falling. We focus especially on the topic of the importance of regular exercise, what kind of exercise can improve a person’s balance, and how to start being active if you never have in the past. Anybody will benefit from this class, including family members of seniors.

Please note class is progressive and cannot be dropped in mid-course. Limit 8.

All Levels Clogging

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Maureen Pettit
$5 members
$7 nonmembers
Tuesday1:00pm-2:30pmNov 3rd to Dec 29thClogging is a rhythmic, grounded style of dance, brought to the USA by immigrants from Europe. It is fun and great exercise for all     ages, and danced to all genres of music. Learn the basic steps utilized in all levels of clogging. No dance experience necessary. Clogging is always “cued” by the instructor, like square dancing.
Gentle Mat Yoga
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Heidi Mair
$6 members
$9 nonmembers
Friday9:30am-10:30amNov 6-Dec 18thCalm your mind, stretch and strengthen your body and improve your balance with a Yoga class designed for students 50 and older. Drop-in Gentle Yoga classes begin and end with breath awareness and    mindful meditation, and include a series of poses to work each part of your body.
CeCe’s Classic Chair Workout

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CeCe Ryan
$4 members
$6 nonmembers
Monday and Thursday10:00am-11:00amSept 3rd to Dec 31stFor people wishing to improve physical conditioning and decrease risk of injuries. Focus on strength training.
Tai Chi with Mary

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(limited in person participation in compliance with current King County phase 2 standards starting in November)

Mary Newbill
$6 members
$8 nonmembers
Thursday1:00pm-2:00pmNovember  5th-December 31stStand-alone class for beginning or continuing
students. Qi Gong warm-ups and Cheng ManChing Young Form. New participants encouraged
to take Beginner class first or in tandem with this

Please note the below events are not occurring due to our safety procedures, but the below guide is available as a reference to services offered in stage 4.

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PoliciesPlease make payments for classes at the Front Desk. Please prepay for each month or sessions of classes in which you participate. Canisters for fees will be provided in facilitated classrooms.

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We suggest you listen to a variety of presenters before you make any kind of decision. Presentations are meant as an educational opportunity and no marketing is allowed.