Letter from the Director: February 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We are so happy to have you join us at the center following the storms.  We are grateful for the laughter and conversations returning to our halls.

We start the New Year with very exciting news.  Our wonderful friends at Live Long and Prosper Foundation have chosen us as one of their donor recipients in 2023.  The founders presented us with a check for $50,661.82 to be utilized for Fitness and Wellness classes over the next five years.  As we are a Wellness Model of a senior center (greater focus on fitness classes and medical services), we will use the funds to support specialized fitness courses each year.  Specialized fitness includes classes that address cancer wellness, osteoporosis, arthritis, memory loss, etc.  Moving forward, you will note in the newsletter 1-2 free fitness classes each month.  The donated funds will cover the cost of the instructor and any equipment while the Senior Center will continue to undertake the overhead costs for the class, such as marketing, housekeeping, etc.  We extend a very sincere Thank You to our donors as they support and encourage us to continue with our vision of becoming a premier Wellness Center in northwest King County.  As of January 2023, we host 26 fitness classes weekly (this includes our wonderful dance classes as they meet the criteria for evidence-based exercise).  If you have been too shy to sign-up for one, know that each month we have individuals joining these classes who have never exercised before.  The staff and instructors are happy to chat with you and assist you in finding the right choice.  Many of the classes also offer one free visit, so that you can assess whether or not the program is a good fit for you.

In closing, I would also like to encourage you to notify me of any Family Foundations of which you are aware.  I’m happy to reach out and share all that goes on within our walls, introduce them to our amazing instructors, and share how great our participants are.  Together, we can spread the word about the Center and develop a consistent, sustainable funding base.  Thank you for all that you do to help us in our work.  Wishing each of you a great start to the New Year.  See you at the Center!

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

-Betty Friedan

Letter from the Director: January 2023

I would like to thank everyone who participated in Give Big Tuesday and helped us diminish our current operations loan. For those who missed the date, we are hosting Give Big Tuesday throughout the month of December 2022. You can donate on our website at www.shorelinelfpseniorcenter.org, mail a check to us or drop off your donation. We can take both debit and credit cards as well.
It wouldn’t be fair to ask you for financial donations without sharing pertinent information with you.
As of October 31st, here are just a few of the services we have provided in 2022:
– 20,396 participant visits to the Senior Center for classes and services (1st time or repeat visits)
– 10,693 participation visits to Fitness classes and Wellness Programs (medical services)
– 5,423 hot, nutritious meals served in-house Monday – Friday (Community Dining Program)
– 1,440 bags of fresh produce home delivered to low-income housing in Partnership with the Shoreline Farmers Market and Everett Clinic
– 159 Emergency rescue grocery bags provided from the Senior Center
– 461 Social Work counseling sessions
– Average over 1,000 participants per month in Fitness & Wellness programs
– $5,000 in $50 Gift Cards provided to low-income seniors to support Food Security and medicinal supplies
– Over 450 aging adults in the Foot Care Program with reoccurring treatments every 4-6 weeks
– Added ‘Select A Language’ (translation link) for 50 languages on our website
– Developed, implemented, and sustained new programming for underserved populations to include, but not limited to, Veterans, LGBTQ+, and Latino community members
– And the list goes on and on
It has been a wonderful year, full of surprises as we reopened our doors. The staff has really enjoyed hearing laughter and conversations in the hallways, and seeing past friends reunite. We are excited to move into 2023 with all of you and wish you a prosperous and healthy New Year!


Letter from the Director: December 2022

Dear Friends,

What a great year it has been, having past friends and new faces return to the senior center for classes and services.  We currently have 732 members and offer some 61 programs/services, most weekly.  To hear voices and laughter in the hallways has lifted the spirits of the staff, who were frankly, quite exhausted from our COVID efforts and longing to return to our normal daily routines.

Thank you for supporting us through memberships, class fees, attendance at special activities such as Rainbow Bingo and your individual donations.  We are coming up on Tuesday, November 29th, the

GIVE BIG TUESDAY which will be celebrated across the county.


We are asking for one more big push this November, as we ask for your donations to cover the yearly costs of operations of the senior center.  The staff and Board are taxed with raising $610,000 each year to cover our Operating Budget Expenses, and in a year where we found all our costs increased, it has been challenging as we had not planned on the new higher amounts.  As we closed the month of October, we had a deficit of $115,937.  We have through December 31st to cover these costs.


We ask for your financial support through the

GIVING TUESDAY CAMPAIGN which begins November 29th, 2022!

Your dollars really matter and will help support our work through the end of December, providing hot meals, amazing fitness classes, and quality personal medical services such as Foot Care, Social Work Counseling and Bastyr Naturopathic Medical services.  Giving Tuesday is a time to give back to your community.  Your dollars help us provide for not only your needs, but those of your neighbors as well.

We know that Food Security remains a major concern for many seniors, and through our Food Security Programs have been able to assist them.  Providing free Social Work counseling and Veteran Benefits Advising has truly been successful with many seniors benefitting from these services.  It is impossible to not only continue offering them but expand our reach to more veterans and seniors.


Please help us meet our costs and expand our services.  In January 2023, we will be adding classes such as Yoga for the Cognitively Impaired, individual Acupuncture services, and new fitness classes.  The need is there, and we have the professional staff available to move forward.  We just need your financial support.


Thank you for your kindness during our healing process following the loss of Donna Saltzberg and thank you for helping us keep such a vibrant, fun senior center operating 5 days per week.  We wish each and every one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Letter from the Director: November 2022

Support the Senior Center you love.  Join Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Activity Center  today in celebrating Giving Tuesday and the national tradition of generosity.  Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2022, is a day dedicated to charitable giving.  We know there are so many charities deserving your support at this time of year.  As you consider your year-end giving, we hope you will remember the impact the Senior Center has had on your life or that of your family members and friends, and consider making a donation in honor of Giving Tuesday to Shoreline-LFP Senior Activity Center.  Whether large or small, your donation makes a difference in the life of a senior.  In December, each donor will receive a letter to indicate his or her Tax Deduction and our EIN.

Thank you for your support of our programming.  To make a donation, please use the envelope enclosed (in the mailed newsletter) which can be mailed to us or dropped off at our Front Desk.  Or you can visit our website at www.shorelinelfpseniorcenter.org and use the DONATE link.  Our goal is to continue to expand our classes and workshops monthly; with your help we will achieve our goals.

Take care, stay safe and I’ll see you at the center!