Equity and Inclusion

Our Mission

The Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Activity Center strives to meet the needs of older adults by providing services and programs which enhance and promote quality of life, self-worth, independent living, community and dignity.  We believe that all seniors offer great value to society, and in safe spaces they may share talents, gain friendships, enjoy new opportunities, and live the best life possible.

Our Vision

We envision a just society where aging adults and those who care about them can live their best lives.


The Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Center belongs to the nonprofit Sound Generations, advocating for the wellbeing of older adults. At Sound Generations we embrace the belief that racial and other social identities should be respected and affirmed. We’ve built a culturally responsive organization that strives to be equitable and inclusive by providing our team of staff, volunteers and board members with the tools needed to address institutionalized racism and other forms of oppression.

How Our Mission Moves Us

The mission of Sound Generations directs us to promote the emotional, social, and physical well-being of all older adults and we are committed to building a team of staff, board members and volunteers who are culturally responsive and committed to equity and inclusion. Our services are more culturally accessible and relevant to individuals of diverse backgrounds and are recognized as such in the community.

Four Equity & Inclusion Goal Strategies

Sound Generations has established an Equity & Inclusion Organizational Goal that aligns with the organization’s overall mission. Our strategy involves working across departments to focus on four key Equity & Inclusion Goals:

  1. Building a common language and a long-term commitment throughout the organization
  2. Improving accountability to the community
  3. Creating a more welcoming environment
  4. Encouraging systemic change at the institutional level

The Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Center’s Heritage Celebration Months

2023 Month Heritage Celebrated
  January  Social Justice Month    
  February  African American History Month
  March  National Women’s History Month
  April  Arab American History Month
  May  Jewish American Heritage Month    
  June  LGBTQ Pride Month ; Juneteenth
  July    Immigrant Heritage Month
  August    Ukrainian American Heritage Month; Shoreline History Month
  September  National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month
  October  Filipino American Heritage Month
  November  Native American (First Nations) Heritage Month