Letter from Director: June 2022

Spring has finally arrived, and we are so grateful for the sunshine.

During my 4 years in the Pacific Northwest, and in my role as Director of the Senior Center, I have engaged in reading on the effects the lack of sunshine has on our population. One of the most common changes we see in a small number of participants, is mood change. This may be that they become quiet and removed, express that they believe they may have depression in their lives, or it may be that the individual becomes focused on negative thoughts. Then as spring and summer arrive, these traits disappear. If you believe you have a mood change in fall and winter,  I encourage you to ask your doctor about SAD – Seasonal Affect Disorder. SADs is quite common, and individuals experience it without knowing that is the cause of their ’gloomy’ feelings. At the office, we use light therapy to assist us to get through the dull, grey days. If you enter my office and a bright light is shining from my bookcase, it is an LED Therapy Light, purchased from a local store, for $12.00. Light Therapy is also known as Phototherapy or Bright Light Therapy. I first    became aware of Light Therapy while traveling through Alaska, visiting remote locations where villages were isolated from the rest of the world, only accessed by boat. In each home I visited, family members had not only a Bright Light but LED Therapy bulbs in their lamps. Local schools (usually the only agency in town other than a cannery), had created therapy rooms equipped with an LED Therapy Light, and residents of all ages, could schedule an hour/week, to sit in the room, enjoying the bright light and peaceful surroundings. I would like to mention that I often see LED Therapy Lights at local Thrift Stores for $5-$6 dollars. Our Wellness Studio is equipped with an LED Therapy Light and you may schedule a time to visit for an hour to absorb light. Adding Vitamin D to your daily regime is a wise move as well. Speak with your medical professional for     further information.

SCAMS, SCAMS, SCAMS! Does a day go by that our cellphones, emails, or texts, do not have at least one scammer trying to tempt us into providing them personal information? You are not alone. We receive them weekly at the office. How they track us and gain access to our personal contact info, I do not know but they are becoming increasingly attuned to presenting themselves very professionally. See page 14 for information sent to us from Amazon.

Here’s a couple of clues:  Emails – check the return email address of the sender; if it is a series of numbers and alphabet letters, DO NOT RESPOND. If it is a popular celebrity name DO NOT   RESPOND; an example of one invoice (for plumbing work) that I received had an email return address Will Smith@gmail.com. He is a popular comedian/actor and so I knew immediately that it was a false invoice. We receive every week, phone calls or texts, stating that a grandson has been jailed and can be released if we pay his traffic fine immediately. The caller is very professional and states that they are with the WA State troopers or another local police department; the caller  then asks for banking info so that they can process payment for the fine. DO NOT provide banking info, nor your personal contact info, etc. This is still one of the biggest scams around. If your grandchildren are jailed, they will call you personally, not a ‘police officer.’  But most importantly, you should contact the child’s parents to verify if they are truly in trouble.

We are hearing of scams associated with vaccinations/boosters. You do not pay for vaccinations or boosters, so do not sign up with anyone over the phone and provide them your credit/debit card info as payment! We will begin offering cellphone classes in June and this will be one of the topics during the instructions. In July, we will offer iPad and laptop classes and will add this to   the subject list as well.

We encourage you to spend time outside walking, sitting in the sun, simply relaxing outdoors, to absorb sunshine and natural Vitamin D. Thank you for your support and see you at the center!

Theresa LaCroix