Letter from the Director: August 2022

Director’s Message August, 2022 

Hello everyone!

Summer has finally arrived, bringing an abundance of sunshine and summer events. We hope that you will take this opportunity to step out of your homes, and enjoy time with family, friends, and your    community. With that said, the staff held a Safety Meeting, to review the current state of the new    Coronavirus variants, what we are learning from participants at the Senior Center and our own          concerns.  Our staff’s unanimous decision was to continue with the following policies through the month of August.

We will review September policies as the month approaches.

  • The front door will remain with the doorbell in place
  • Proof of Vaccination will continue to be required
  • We are enforcing new Footcare guidelines, due to the exposure our beloved Echo is exposed to while servicing hundreds of guests each month
  • The week of your appointment, we will call you to remind you of your appointment, one day prior to your appointment; at that time, we will ask you if you have traveled in the last 5 days; if you have, your appointment will be moved to a later date. Why? Because there is a 5-day period after any travel, in which you remain a viable candidate for having been exposed; even if you have a negative test that day, the virus can be in your system and surface the following day
  • We will also ask if you have been exposed to anyone in the last 5 days; if you have, we will move your appointment to another date

We do understand that this is an inconvenience for a few but the safety of the ‘whole’ takes precedence over any individual’s preference. Should 1-2 staff members test positive, we will have to close the center until all staff have passed the quarantine period, and this is a risk we are not willing to take.      Thank you to the hundreds of participants that have supported and understood the greater cause; we applaud you.

Annual Membership Meeting: The Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Activity Center Board of Directors will hold the Annual Membership meeting for all current members on August 17, 2022, at 12:30pm in the bridge room.

Removal of items from Senior Center:  we continue to see that equipment and articles are  being removed from the senior center, most importantly, fitness equipment. January 2022, we had      24 exercise bands, weights, balls, etc. in the Wellness Studio. Today, we have one stretch band.           If you borrowed them to exercise at home, even if you are following Toshiko’s class on Zoom, please return them. This creates a continued cost to the center, without funding to support the replacement    of this equipment. The equipment is for in-house class use only. We have not provided anyone         permission to remove our equipment and would like it all returned. Thank you.

We have been designated as an official YOUTH VACCINATION CLINIC with 3 dates scheduled:  July 22nd, August 29th, and October 14th. Please spread the word. These clinics require registration in advance through QR codes or online. We have posted flyers on the bulletin boards with the QR codes.

We wish each of you safe travel as you venture out this summer after 2 long years of isolation.

May you create great memories with family and friends and seek new adventures.