Letter from the Director: January

Dear Members, This has been a very unique and challenging year at the Senior Center as we navigated the new demands placed  upon us by COVID-19.  No one foresaw the huge impact it would have on our aging community and we had no idea  just how busy we would be.  Here are the final numbers for the major services we provided to our community.

  • 18,981 TO GO Community Dining – hot meals home delivered
  • 14,910 Meals On Wheels – frozen meals home delivered 1x/week
  • 842 Foot Care appointments
  • 104 Bastyr Naturopathic Medical Appointments
  • 138 Mental Health and/or Social Work counseling sessions               
  • 1,474 participant hours in fitness & wellness online Zoom programs
  • 1,329 member Wellness Calls to assess for needs     

We hope that you will share this information with family and friends, as it is important that the community understand that while our front doors may be locked to control entrance, we are fully operational.  Each month, we continue to add more programs, online as well as in-house one-to-one services.  Sharing this information assists us in resourcing private and public donations, which has become our lifeline.  With little to no ability to engage in the normal revenue generating sources that we have used in the past, we rely on external funding sources to maintain our current services and the addition of  creative programming as a result of COVID-19.

Theresa LaCroix, Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Center Director