Letter from the Director: July 2022

Director’s Message July, 2022 – Nominate Shoreline-LFP Senior Center!

So far to date, we have strived to not impose financial donations on our membership and community, however, we are mid-year and at this time, are operating approximately $35,000 in the red, as of May. While we currently operate 61 programs/month, most weekly, we have lost revenue in specific areas, such as rentals. In 2019, we generated just   over $90,000 with rentals, which we have not recouped in 2022. We do rent for Celebration of Life services, meetings, trainings, etc. but will not return to the large wedding/birthday/baptism parties until Fall 2022. So how can you help us find alternative revenue sources? Here is a great one, through BECU Banking. Please read the instructions below and encourage family members, friends and organizations that bank with BECU, to apply on our behalf.  The deadline is quickly approaching, June 30th so please prioritize this information and spread the word. You will find at the bottom of the page, our stats for the work we did in 2020 and 2021, and where we are at currently with servicing our community. When completing the application, please use EIN #91-0823767.   Thank you for taking a moment to apply to BECU!

Theresa LaCroix

Nominate your favorite nonprofit

Friends and neighbors of Shoreline-LFP Senior Center if you are a member of BECU Banking.

BECU members and employees can nominate local nonprofits to receive a People Helping People Award of up to $50,000. Each winner will receive thousands of dollars in grant funds. We count on members to help us recognize and support the important work of local nonprofits, so please take a moment to fill out a nomination form. It is a fast and effortless way to do good—and feel good.

We are excited to hear about your favorite nonprofit. Submit your nomination now to: https://www.becu.org/members-matter/community-involvement/people-helping-people       There is a nominate button part way down the page.

The BECU People Helping People Awards are granted in the following amounts:

Member Volunteer of the Year Award: (1) $50,000
Selected by a panel of judges, the award is granted to a nonprofit organization on behalf of an outstanding member volunteer.

People’s Choice Award: (1) $40,000
Selected by popular vote from the community, the award is granted to one nonprofit organization.

Employees’ Choice Award: (1) $30,000
Selected by popular vote from BECU employees, the award is granted to one nonprofit organization.

Past PHPA Recipients’ Choice: (1) $30,000
Selected by popular vote from past PHPA recipient nonprofits, the award is granted to one nonprofit organization.

Community Benefit Award: (14) $15,000 or more
Selected by a panel of judges, the awards are granted to fourteen nonprofit finalists that have been nominated by members.     

 In addition to the above listed award amounts, all PHPA recipients will receive a glide path grant of $2,500 for the two years following their initial award (glide path funding does not apply to BCDP grant recipients).