Letter from the Director: June 2023

Director’s Message

The month of May could not have been more packed with classes, services, and Special Events.  Our thanks go out to all volunteers that assisted us with Rainbow Bingo, Trivia Night, the Birthday Party Luncheon, Soul Food and Ethiopian Traditional Meal days, the Cinco de Mayo Party, as well our Memorial Day Luncheon.  We would like to thank Knossos Foundation for their generous donation to assist us with food purchases for various programs that we offer.  This will help us meet our anticipated food expenditure of $27,000 for the year.

THEFT in the facility!  We are currently experiencing theft of a variety of items.  Food and beverages in our kitchen or in the kitchenette are not available to anyone except authorized staff and board members preparing meals/snacks for our programming.  If you see items left in the open, such as Echo’s footcare tools, exercise equipment, CDs & CD players, or tools, do not remove them from their resting place or the facility.  If something is FREE, it will have a note stating FREE, attached to it.  We appreciate everyone’s help in curtailing this problem.


TRIPS & TOURS are going well.  Our May Day Trip with Guy was very successful, and we now have travelers signed up for the Austria/Germany Magical Christmas Markets through Collette Travel.  We also have folks signed up for the September 3-day Prosser Balloon Festival tour.  Be sure to note the registration deadlines and inform the travel agency that you are affiliated with Shoreline-LFP Senior Activity Center.  Time is running out, so be sure to get in on Guy’s June and July trips and also join Caleb on the War Memorials of WWII trip for the 80th D-Day Anniversary to take place in 2024.  Check out our Travel Board at the Center as we will soon be advertising our cruise ship tours for 2023/24, including a riverboat cruise along the Columbia Gorge.


FRIDAY EVENING DANCES will return to the Senior Center once again!  In years past, the center was known for its evening dances, drawing guests from across the county, to the music of a live, Big Band sound.  Our first dance will be on Friday, July 21 from 7 pm-9 pm.  Join us for a fun evening of dancing entertainment featuring the music of the fabulous Lauren Petrie!


NEW PROGRAMS THIS SUMMER!  We have a couple of instructors that will be taking time off this summer to relax and for some, attend trainings and workshops to further develop their skills.  This provides us the opportunity to offer some great workshops and single day events, so keep an eye out for advertisements in next month’s newsletter and on our website.


DISCOUNTED MEMBERSHIPS will be offered starting in July.  Individual 2023 memberships will be reduced to $20 and a Couple will be reduced to $35.


Take care, drink plenty of fluids and enjoy the great weather we are having. See you at the Center!

Theresa LaCroix