Letter from the Director: March 2023

Thank you to all who took the time to purchase your 2023 membership.  We are very happy to share that we have 452 members as of January 31, 2023, and the number is growing.  Our goal for this year is to have 1,000 registered members, as we had 969 in 2019.  In previous messages, I shared that memberships are one of our 8 revenue generating practices.  This month, I thought I would share information about Corporate Matching.


What is corporate donation matching?

Donation matching is a corporate giving initiative in which an employer matches their employee’s contribution to a specific cause, increasing the gift. For example, if a Microsoft employee donates $50 to a local organization, the matching gift would be Microsoft’s additional donation of $50.  Therefore, we receive a total of $100 for that individual’s donation.  Often, a corporation will match what the public donates during a specific period in which a non-profit is fundraising.  This often results in thousands of dollars being donated to the agency.


Why do corporations match donations?

In short, matching gifts is a simpler way of enacting corporate donations, allowing corporate giving revenue to be more evenly distributed to a wider range of nonprofit recipients. When an employee shows their employer which charities they care about, companies know how to allocate their giving budget.


Do you or a family member know of a company that practices MATCH DONATION either a) through their employee giving program or b) in support of community-wide giving?  Perhaps your adult child works for an agency or firm that has a Donor Program, that you could share with me.  I would be happy to reach out to the agency and begin the conversation around selecting our Senior Center as a recipient of their giving program.  These donations can range from $100 to $10,000.  We appreciate every penny we receive towards our goal of raising $610,000 for 2023, to cover our costs.  I hope to hear from some of you and will see you at the Center!


Theresa LaCroix