Letter from the Director: October 2021

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.  My journey continues in recovery as this month, I begin physical therapy to regain walking skills.  It’s a very slow process as I am simply learning to put 25% of my weight on the broken leg in a standing position.  However, the good news is that I am becoming quite agile in manipulating my wheelchair around my little home.  Watching the Paralympic rugby games inspired me a little too much as I seem to think that I am capable of some of the same 3600 turns at lightning speed, as these skilled athletes can do.

We are thrilled to have so many classes returning each month to the center and thank all of you for your continued support of the safety measures in place.  The pandemic continues to guide our practices and we greatly appreciate the flexibility and positive attitudes you share with us as we navigate the ever changing health code mandates.

Vaccinations Required or Not?  Currently, we are not requiring vaccinations by participants unless it is   stipulated by individual instructors.  With the recent announcement of King County Health Department guidelines to be implemented October 25th, requiring proof of vaccination at all restaurants and gymnasiums, we strongly encourage each of you to consider being vaccinated.

With the re-opening of Community Dining on October 4th, we will require that guests dining at the center show proof of their vaccination as they enter the dining room.  We will not maintain records of your vaccination card but simply check off your name that you are vaccinated.

If you are in need of replacing your original vaccination card, please go to the following site and follow the instructions listed there, Login – MyIR.net  It is important to note that they are very backlogged and it will take a few weeks before you receive your new card.  The Senior Center and the Fire Department do not have the ability to issue a new card to you.  The Center will accept a print-out of your COVID vaccination   status.  We will not be keeping copies of your document on file after a review of your record!

The Annual Holiday Bazaar will be held on October 22nd & 23rd, featuring all of your favorite vendors from past years and a few new faces.  This is our last fund raiser of the year and we hope that you will drop by, enjoy Holiday shopping and participate in the Silent Auction.  The Events Committee is working hard to create a safe, healthy environment during your visit.  See you at the Center!


Theresa LaCroix