Letters from Director: May 2022

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with King County Health Department,
to host a free COMMUNITY WIDE VACCINATION/BOOSTER DAY, on May 6th, from 10
a.m. to 5 p.m. You will not find a simpler process for accessing vaccinations and boosters.

Here are the details:
– No registration required, DROP-IN all day long
– Open to all, ages 5 years and up, depending on the type of vaccination you received
– 1st and 2nd boosters available for Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer
– 1st and 2nd Vaccinations available for Moderna, Johnston & Johnston and Pfizer
– Doors open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
– Interpreters available for Spanish, Korean, Tigrinya, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Hindi,
and Bengali; additional languages will be available through direct phone services
– Anyone in King County, Edmonds and even Lynnwood can attend
* If you are homebound, please call Theresa at 206-365-1536, to schedule
a home visit.
* Seniors requiring a ride can schedule through the regular HYDE Shuttle
service 206-727-6262. Schedule early!
* This is a time when grandparents can assist by bringing grandchildren
for vaccinations.
* Citizenship documents NOT required; all welcome
* Please share this information with neighbors and friends. Accessing
booster shots is not simple for those with language challenges, lack of
computer access and/or skills, or lacking medical providers.

What a busy month, Donna has in store for all of you. Please be sure to mark your
calendars for Dr. Hibbs’ Annual Tuber Sale, our Memorial Day Luncheon, and a host of other
activities (see newsletter). We continue to practice safety mandates to include mask
wearing and proof of vaccination to enter the facility. This is based on our review of
county statistics on 4.17.22, in which there is a slight increase in the number of cases
reported in the county and Shoreline. With the wonderful volume of participants returning to
the center, the statements staff receives, is an overwhelming approval of maintaining our
safety mandates a little longer.

Be sure to check out the new, FREE classes and programs offered this month. I want to give
a shout-out to our new Cognitive Assessment program that will be in place, beginning May.
The testing is confidential, and only participants receive the results. The effects of social
isolation during these past 2 years, has influenced all of us. Plus, we recognize how difficult
it has been to seek medical appointments with General Practitioners and specialists alike.
There is a wide variety of reasons that one may have a decline in cognitive health. Be sure
to attend the workshop and if you feel the need, schedule a private appointment with our
expert. As we are speaking about experts, our Veterans’ Benefit Advisor, and our Social
Worker are busy helping folks. Just call the center to schedule your appointment.

Our board of directors has voted to re-adopt the original name of the senior center, simply
adding the word ACTIVITY, to read, Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Activity Center. This is to
reflect how engaged we are through the aging process and to assist us in avoiding the
presumption that we are a long-term care facility. Our participants are active in a variety of
interests, enjoying the senior years to the fullest.

Take care, be safe and I will see you at the center!

Theresa LaCroix