Letters from the Director: April 2022

Dear Friends,

For those of you that have collaborated with me during these past few years, you are aware that I do not promote politics within the senior center as we are a welcoming community for all healthy thought processes and beliefs. With a heavy heart for our family and global friends abroad, we are all hurting at this time, as we view photos of lovely residential communities bombed and innocent lives taken. It is in these times that we must remember what truly matters in our lives — family, friends, faith, and health.


The staff of Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center would like to share how we choose to promote our mission at the center. We are a safe place for all – regardless of religion, race, culture, gender choice or national origin. In addition, w e w ant all to know , that during hours of operation, Monday–Thursday 8:30a.m.–4:00p.m. and Friday 8:30a.m.–1:00p.m., we are a safe zone for anyone fearing harm as they travel through our neighborhood. While our front door continues to remain locked, we are in full operations and will open our doors to anyone fearing for their safety.


Each year, the staff sets goals that we strive to accomplish over the year. While we’ve worked for the past 3 years in developing our diversity at the center, 2022 will be the year that provides us the opportunity to implement programs, classes, and services that we have been laying the groundwork for. We are so excited to share that our staff has the capacity to communicate in English, Bengali, French, Spanish, and Hindi, to better serve you. We are global citizens that believe the beauty and harmony of the center exists in the participants as they share their languages and cultures, actively engaged in our programming. We thank you for sharing ‘who you are’, opening our world to new understandings and working towards becoming a stronger and happier community.


Each month, we will be adding new classes and programs, moving us into a wonderful diverse center. Thank you for your support towards our goal of becoming a ‘senior center without walls’, as we could not achieve it without your energy and willingness to represent our communities more fully.


As you browse this month’s newsletter, remember to check out our new classes: English as a Second Language (ESL), Veterans’ Yoga Classes, Rainbow Bingo, Climate Support Yoga, Get Fit Stay Fit, Tuesday Afternoon at The Movies, and Financial Workshops.


We continue to grow, gradually returning to our pre-COVID participation numbers and love hearing laughter and conversations in the halls. Due to overwhelming demand, we are continuing our COVID safety mandates of mask wearing while in the center and providing the required Proof of Vaccination. Every 2 weeks, staff will review the county’s stats on hospitalizations by age, of COVID positive cases and gradually reduce our mandates.

Stay safe and see you at the Center!


Our true nationality is mankind.”

— H.G. Wells


Theresa LaCroix