Message from the Director: July – August 2024

Director’s Message,

We are excited to provide an update regarding the results of our application to the Veteran, Seniors, and Human Services grant process that we submitted in March. We have been awarded a total of $306,000 for the period from July 1, 2024, to December 31,2026, to fund specific programs and overhead.  The funding breakdown by calendar year is as follows:


Award Period Amount
7/1/2024 – 12/31/2024$60,000
1/1/2025 – 12/31/2025$120,000
1/1/2026 – 12/31/2026$126,000
Total $306,000

It is important to note that these funds are distributed over 30 months and allocated to specific costs.  We encourage continued support through individual donations, as we need to raise over $600,000 this year to cover operational costs, with only $60,000 dedicated from the VSHSL grant. We have budgeted $40,000 in independent donations for 2024 and have received $6,470.84 towards this goal so far.  Our current forecast for independent donations shows a deficit of $15,000. If you attend a free class or service at the center, please consider donating to help us continue offering these programs.

New Veteran Benefit Claim Policy:

As of June 1,2024, the VA will only accept claims submitted by individual veterans and/or a Certified Benefits Advisor. To meet this new requirement, we have enlisted the services of Sean Contreras, VSO, with American Legion. Our regular advisor, General Tim Miller, Ret., will continue to provide advice on the third Monday of each month by appointment.  All requests for assistance with denials and claims will be managed by Sean.  Appointments for each advisor can be made through our front desk at (206) 365-1536.

Retirement Announcement:

I’d like to share that I have submitted my formal “Transition to Retirement” from my position as Executive Director of Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Activity Center.  It has been a great pleasure to work with so many talented staff members, instructors, facilitators, volunteers and community partners.  At the onset of my employment, several goals were created, such as further developing the Center as a vibrant Wellness Model of a senior activity center, nurturing strong community partnerships and resourcing additional funding sources.  The success of the recent VSHSL grant process was the last task on my personal To Do List and provided the perfect exit from a fulfilling experience with Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Activity Center.  The wonderful moments we shared, getting to know each other, working to expand our center as a vibrant hub of activity, will be cherished forever.  We survived financial challenges and a world pandemic, always finding solutions to whatever demand was placed before us.  It’s been an honor to work with so many talented staff along the way, enjoying the varied talents each brought to their jobs.  I cannot express how grateful I am for our Board of Directors and the amazing support & guidance they have provided during these 6 years.  They are dedicated to this Center and work tirelessly to that end.  I shall miss all of you. After July 5th, I will gradually reduce my hours, until the new Executive Director is hired and provided with some training.  It is a great time for the Center as new energy brings new beginnings along with new talents.  Thank you for enriching my life and providing me with so many memorable moments that I will cherish forever.


Theresa LaCroix