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Community Dining (Lunch Program)Chef Donnie
11:45 am – 12:15 pm
Monday through Friday
$4.00 suggested donation if 60+ Cost of meal is $10.00 for all others.
Sign in each day at the Reception Desk to receive your lunch ticket!   Call (206) 365-1536 for information.
Hot lunch served daily.

Meals On WheelsMeals on Wheels
Place Orders: Tuesday, 9:00 am – noon
Delivered: Thursday.
To obtain an application, call Sound Generations at (206) 448-5767 or submit online.
Anyone who is homebound due to illness or disability or has difficulty shopping or cooking, may apply for Meals on Wheels. We also offer nutritional supplements such as Ensure at a discounted price. MOW volunteers are at the Senior Center on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Happy Birthday Member Lunch
Please check out our Special Events page for upcoming Birthday lunches.

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Menu for Shoreline Week We have our To-Go Hot Meal Community Dining available with the following menu this week. Call 206-365-1536 before 9:00am each day for delivery. Suggested donation is $4.00 for participants over 60.

Cheaper than an app based delivery service at a $4.00 suggested donation, these hot meals provide a unique option for our aging community members to experience delightful meals like they do in our center. Community members have stepped up to deliver these meals, supporting our most vulnerable population by offering no contact delivery five days a week. As opposed to using a digital application, the ordering process is as simple as placing a phone call to our facility where onsite staff are prepared to take orders for the week.

Menu for September 28th through October 2nd

Monday September 28th
Pork fried rice
Asian vegetables
Mandarin oranges

Tuesday September 29th
Ravioli lasagna with beef and zucchini
Green beans with sweet red peppers
Garlic bread
Fresh melon

Wednesday September 30th
Spanish style chicken
Spanish potatoes
Cornbread with honey
Steamed broccoli

Thursday October 1st
Roasted pork loin
Mashed potato with rosemary
Biscuit with butter and jam
Glazed carrots

Friday October 2nd
Crispy topped fish filet
Brown basmati rice
Garden coleslaw
Roll with butter
Mixed fruit