Social Worker

Jill Bieler is a licensed Social Worker who has a Master of Social Work degree and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Aging Studies. Jill is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays by phone and in-person by appointment.
Please schedule appointments with the reception desk or by calling 206.365.1536.
Must be Shoreline or Lake-Forest-Park resident

Jill is available for free, confidential consultations to:

  • Provide advocacy and referrals for seniors to community resources for concerns related to housing, food assistance, transportation, financial, legal and mental health issues.
  • Offer emotional support and short-term counseling to seniors and their families for issues related to aging, grief and loss, adjustment to illness and caregiving.
  • Assist with applications to community agencies for services, including senior housing, utility discount programs and public benefits.