Support Groups

Parkinson’s Support Group

A support group can offer advice, provide understanding of the stages of the ailment and offer opportunities for support & friendships with others who understand.

A great opportunity to have your questions answered. The meetings are led by a skilled Social Worker who will offer a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Day:     2nd Tuesday of the month
Time:     10:00am-11:00am
Location:    Zoom, call in via phone or Webcam
Host:     Giddiany Romero, SW
Call 206-365-1536 or  email  for details.

Care Givers Support Group

Support groups for caregivers foster the setting for sharing information, insight, advice and encouragement.  They provide an opportunity to learn from others who face the same challenges, and allow you to talk about your experiences. The meetings are led by Mental  Health Counselor who will guide you to additional resources.
Day:           3rd Thursday of each month
Time:         10:00am-11:00am
Location:   Zoom, call in via phone or webcam
Call 206-365-1536 or email  for details


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