Saying Good Bye! The “J Team”, Jon Ann & Judy have retired!

Jon Ann came to the Senior Center in July 2000. Judy became a job share partner in 2008, working two days week while Jon Ann helped with childcare for her first granddaughter.

While I feel somewhat sad to be ending this tenure with the senior center, I am ready to let the reins be taken over by someone else. Working at this center has been a huge part of my life for over 17 years. I’ve made tons of friends not only within the center but throughout the community and I’m so grateful for that. If anyone can inspire you it can be the people who come here on a daily basis, no matter what. I have some amazing contracted instructors who work with their hearts as well as with their skill for the people they serve. Facilitators and volunteers of all kinds fall into that “amazing” category as well. Lots of things have evolved these past years, most for the best. Center programs have expanded offering more choices, hopefully meeting more needs. The fitness program has grown including the important balance classes. Being part of the “J Team” has been just the best; Judy and I have had fun learning from one another; each with our own talents to share with one another. Ed and I are looking forward to becoming participants and being able to play! ~My best, Jon Ann

Working at the senior center and meeting all of you has been a real joy in my life. We have gone through good time and challenging times together; meeting new friends and losing some good friends. I have watched the passage of time but because of you I see my retirement as an opportunity instead of a barrier to new things. I never thought I would feel so close to the team of people I work with. When offered the opportunity to work with Jon Ann I was thrilled. It was an opportunity to learn new things and to use my skills and expertise to support the senior center. I have worked with her for the past 9 years and learned a lot from her. She is the creative one and it was fun watching her use her considerable talent. I will always have fond memories about being a member of the “J” Team. Marilyn and I have a kindred spirit and we had some lively conversation. She tried to keep us all in line, but it didn’t stick very often. Bob never knew what to do with us. Most of the time he just let us go and hoped for the best. Gina is the new kid on the block and a great gal. She is the Thrift Store manager and an all around smart cookie. Donnie is a great chef; I don’t know how long he
will continue to be called the “New Chef”, but I love his cooking. Anyway, he always has a warm smile when you come back to his kitchen and enjoys visiting with the seniors. Antonio and Chris: they are always available to help, love you guys! So when you think of me, keep good thoughts and picture me riding my motorcycle in the sunshine! ~Thanks for everything, Judy

Social Worker Position

Please note as of this writing on August 23, 2017, we are continuing to look for a qualified individual to take on the task as Social Worker. The position is for two days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday, 16 hours. Contact the Senior Center Director, Bob Lohmeyer, to find out how to apply. Email or call him at (206) 365-1536, Monday, Wednesday or Friday.